EDF can prevail from a long-standing cooperation with South Africa for more than 40 years giving a unique position and providing a real proof of EDF’s capabilities to support South Africa in the long run:

  • the French nuclear industry has been involved in the South African nuclear power program from the very beginning as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the plant construction and maintenance of the two units of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (KNPS) based on its design (French 900 MWe)
  • EDF and Eskom have developed a long-standing relationship relying on sharing know-how, operator training and technical assistance at KNPS resulting in a continuous increase of experience and capabilities
  • EDF has participated in the RFI launched in 2020 on South Africa’s Nuclear New Build Power Procurement Programme
  • based on the significant exchanges held with key South African stakeholders over the years, EDF has matured a very deep understanding of the country’s expectations in terms of development and empowerment

This profound knowledge of South Africa will feed EDF’s tailor-made support to meet South Africa’s expectations and needs for the new nuclear development based on safety, reliance, profitability and respect of the environment.

A good knowledge of the two potential nuclear sites and the technologies considered

EDF benefits from a long and wide experience in site characterisation (including geology, seismic assessment, bathymetry…) and in adapting its own design to different site conditions:

  • EDF has developed numerous nuclear sites both domestic and worldwide (of which 19 sites in France), in various environments (sea/river, hot/cold conditions, different types of soils, seismic areas, green/brown fields…)
  • EDF studied the various environmental impact reports drafted in 2007 as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process launched in South Africa and has gathered a good knowledge of the two potential sites Thyspunt in Oyster Bay and Duynefontein in the North of Koeberg NPP

In addition, EDF has gained over time an extended experience in the two technologies considered: Pressurized Water Reactors and Small Modular Reactors. That’s why EDF is eager to propose its cutting-edge solutions to South Africa: its large power proven EPR reactor (1,650 MWe) and its SMR technology NUWARD™ currently under development.

A tailor-made Human Capacity Building offer

EDF provides the right support to its clients in order for them to acquire adequate skills and to become self-sufficient in the nuclear field:

  1. EDF brings a comprehensive assistance to its clients until they become fully independent in Human Resource Development (support in drawing the relevant strategy, in simulating scenarii to identify potential impacts, and to make ramp up recruitment at the right time)
  2. EDF delivers tailor-made and just-in-time training with over 650 skilled & recognized professional instructors and 35 training centers
  3. EDF can contribute to the set-up of the Owner Operator’s on-site nuclear training center with Full Scope Simulator at each site
  4. through its Suppliers Academy, EDF proposes a specific training to get acquainted with its technical and quality requirements to become a qualified supplier for EDF nuclear power plants (overview of the EPR technology, nuclear safety culture, an introduction to codes and standards, description of technical specifications and quality requirements, etc.)
  5. eventually, EDF can share its long-term experience in supporting its clients in Human Capacity Building.