A partner for South Africa energy transition

With over 40 years of presence in South Africa, EDF is also active in other countries of the area, with projects in Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Eswatini.

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Acting as an integrated energy player

EDF proposes a broad range of businesses all throughout Southern Africa, from electricity production to distribution and transmission, including thermal and engineering services.

The Group is mainly active in the region through 5 key sectors :

  • EDF currently operates 142 MW wind generator farms in South Africa and has successfully been awarded several wind farms projects within REIPPP Bid Window 5.

    Renewable energies
  • EDF supports Eskom in the maintenance and operation of Koeberg nuclear power plant, contributing to the national power system decarbonisation and stability.

  • Through its knowledge of African electrical infrastructures, EDF proposes adapted solution to improve distribution and transport grid performance.

    Grid engineering services
  • EDF proposes innovative solutions for Commercial and Industrial customers to improve energy effectiveness and develop greener “distributed” production.

    C&I services
  • To develop less carbonated production, EDF supports Eskom to improve the performance of its coal-fired assets and to develop combined gas cycle projects.


Our flagship projects

Through its projects in the South Africa, EDF is helping to promote the country's energy transition and improve the lives of its people.


Koeberg power plant


Chaba, Waainek, Grassridge and Wesley-Ciskei wind farms

Engineering & Services

Energy solutions and services


Temane Project

Transport & Distribution

Funds for technical Expertise and shared Experience with Eskom

2023 Edition

EDF Pulse Africa: supporting entrepreneurs, key players in energy development

With the EDF Pulse Africa Awards, EDF is supporting the entrepreneurial dynamic in Africa with the aim of identifying new partners and stimulating the development of innovative, low-carbon and local energy solutions.

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