A comprehensive reactor portfolio of GEN III+ technologies to meet our clients’ needs

  • 1,650 MWe



    • Most powerful reactor in the world
    • The leading reference for very high energy demand
    • High maneuverability
  • 1,200 MWe


    • EPR technology adaptation to 1,200 MWe
    • Adapted to various site and grid conditions
    • High maneuverability
  • 340 MWe


    • Targeting coal-fired plants replacement in the 300-400 MWe range
    • Adaptable to various environments
    • Other low-carbon use: hydrogen, heat & electricity cogeneration, district heating, water desalinization
    • High maneuverability

Shaping a net-zero future with state-of-the-art Generation III+ reactor technologies

NUWARD™: a fully integrated SMR design

For lower power needs, EDF and a high-level team of partners from industry and energy sectors have joined their strengths and competences to develop an SMR technology: NUWARD™.

With a net power output of 340 Mwe (2 reactors of 170 MWe each), NUWARD™ plant is based on decades of experience on proven PWR technology and gathers 50 years of experience in energy generation, reactor design, industrialization and construction.

Characteristics of the NUWARD™

With NUWARD™, EDF answers to numerous needs:

  • replace 300-400 MWe industrial coal-fired boilers
  • electrify remote communities
  • power industrial sites or less interconnected infrastructures
  • stabilize the grids compared to intermittent renewables
  • produce heat

Highly maneuverable, NUWARD™ is also designed to support other potential usages such as hydrogen production, district heating or desalination.

NUWARD™ will meet the emerging SMR market by 2030s as EDF plans to start construction of a NUWARD™ reference plant in France in 2030.